Code Review - Effective

What are you looking for during a code review?

Posted by Thamara Hessel - 2018/11/29 · 1 min read

Code review - Effective

Today I had the opportunity to participate as a speaker in the meetUp
of Kwan, I could talk about code review, there are many doubts about this topic, such as - “Is it really worth it? How does it improve quality? Does it really prevent bugs? What is the real gain? ” - and many other questions.

The truth is that effective code review goes far beyond just “reading” code, other sensitive points are involved in this process, such as teamwork, confidence, hasty or very rigid technical decisions, and even the human factor, yes, emotions count!

In this presentation I also talked about the tools and some automated processes, I touched the technical wound of every company, the so feared “legacy code”.

In the end, we had a very rich conversation about individual experiences, from beginners to the most experienced.

Thanks, Kwan for the invitation, it was a lot of fun and maybe I’ll make a video talking about it;)

Check out the presentation: